Ready to love yourself into liberation?

I used to think self-love was cheesy, cringey and something that sounded lovely for someone else on Instagram, but not for me.

The idea of complimenting myself or giving myself a pat on the back immediately brought up the idea of arrogance, embarrassment and ultimately, discomfort.

Yet, here I am, absolutely enamoured with everything about self-love.

Hello! I'm Yvonne

I'm a Holistic Mindset Coach, passionate about helping people transform their mindsets so they can feel confidently at home in who they are. Having overcome anxiety, depression and fully recovered from an eating disorder, I am dedicated to helping others overcome their challenges and find freedom in their lives.

After spending years on my own self-love journey I am ready to shout about it from the rooftops because choosing to love myself has changed my whole world for the better.

It has given me more freedom, more confidence, more courage, better relationships, a deeper connection to purpose, passion, fun and happiness in my life.

It has helped me overcome perfectionism, feeling stuck and unhappy in my life, constant anxiety and self doubt, and the idea that I am anything less than enough.

And now it can do that for you too.

Why Self Love?

Because, lovely human, you are going to spend every waking moment of your life with just one person - You.

And you have the power to make that an incredibly enjoyable, empowering and freeing experience or a frustrating, miserable, limited one.

Self love is the key to making your life into one you'll love living.

The shift for me from self-loathing to self-love is honestly when I actually felt like I started living again.

It ended the wars in my mind, it allowed me to look after my needs without feeling selfish, it taught me to listen to myself and make choices and decisions I actually wanted to stand by. It unleashed me fully, excitedly and passionately into my life. And I have never looked back.

In this 21 Day Challenge...

  • You'll discover what's getting in your way of feeling good about who you are and how to overcome it by reconnecting to your inner power
  • You'll learn to set the foundations of a love within that you'll have forever
  • You will start seeing yourself from a whole new perspective which means that you will have no reason to keep holding yourself back
  • You'll build confidence, trust and acceptance for your lovely self
  • You'll create a self-empowering mindset rooted in love and not fear
  • You'll know how to deal with fears, your inner critic, shame and guilt with simple & replicable actions you'll strengthen throughout

What do clients say?

What do you get?

Daily Videos for 21 Days

I'll guide you on your self love journey with daily videos that share insights, expand your awareness and give you the tools to start shifting how you see, speak to and feel about yourself.

Tried & Tested Techniques

I'll be sharing with you the key resources, practices and tools to make this big idea actually tangible, that I've put to the test myself to get powerful results.

Why now?

Look, you could put this off forever. Of course you could. You could tell yourself you're fine.

But you could also explore where your life could go if you were truly in the driving seat. If you had your own back wholeheartedly.

What could be possible for you when you authentically love yourself?

What would you finally feel free to do, be, say or try?

How confident could you feel?

Even in three weeks of committing to yourself everyday, imagine what could shift. That's what's possible, that's what's available and that's what you can choose for yourself now.

Get your self love journey started today!

Honestly, the journey from self-loathing to self-love has been the ultimate game-changer for me and my whole life.

I'm so excited to share everything I've learned about self-love in an accessible, relatable and step-by-step way for you, so that it's sustainable, authentic and all yours for life.